We Help You Turn Users into Customers

We design high quality digital marketing solutions. And help you to create your communication, manage & optimise your marketing

You are developing your own software and you have very loyal users but you need someone to support you on Marketing ?

Roonberg Digital GmbH is a full-service digital marketing agency that develops and designs end-to-end online marketing solutions and customer journeys to reach your customers. From the first customer research, over the kick-off and the management of the first ads, we stand by your side. Until you have set up your planned and structured Sales Funnel, which we then optimize together with you.

We design your online marketing campaign from A to Z.


Be clear about your vision and strategy, this will make your Marketing easy like a


You own your business, so you own your Marketing, as soon as you’ve realized the process it is about repetition and mastering.


You don't have to do everything

on your own. Your developers

will grateful if they can stay


grateful to the company's we've learned from

What we offer

We offer you our experience and expertise from 15+ years in the industry of Software-, Platform-Sales & Marketing.

There is no one size-fits-all solution. Every Marketing needs to be unique as a code of Software. The same way you own your code you should own your Marketing. The challenge is to adapt to this different perspectives, from connecting the dots to communicate effectivly and to the right steps in order to nurture your software or platform business.

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You decide what is the better option for you


There are many good reasons to do everything in house. Actually many most successful companies started like that. It really depends on your situation. We offer you the know-How and insights to make it on your own in Online course or workshop

We Do it for you

You need to accelerate and you simply don’t have enough people to move fast with your project. We can offer a you our network as a service to act like with an internal additional team.

It all starts with a vision & strategy

Nobody sees your vision as you do. You are the only one who can describe it to others. But from your very own experience you know it can be done more efficient.  A strategy for Marketing is missing. What if someone would tell you the secret of building efficient & scalable Marketing Channels . You will find out, when you use a Digital Strategy which has been around for over 1000 years.

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